How To Use The Baby Car Seat Properly?

A baby car seat is a car seat specifically designed for infants or children of a certain age to protect them while they are in the car. This seat is specially designed to maintain safety when driving with children. There are various types of car seats, depending on the age, height, and weight of the child as we can see at Some things that must be considered in its use are as follows:

Adjust to Child’s Age
Infant car seat
Shaped like a basket, usually used for newborns up to a maximum weight of 10 kilograms. The position is facing backward and please note that every baby weighing under 10 kilograms, less than one-year-old, must always face backward. Because it is safer for the bones that are not yet strong, especially if the car has to brake suddenly.

convertible car seat
The shape is like the driver’s seat of a vehicle, there are supports in the form of wings on the left and right. This chair is called reciprocating because it can be used to be turned back and forth. Facing back is for babies who weigh less than 10 kilograms and are under one year old while facing forward is for babies who weigh more than 10 kilograms but do not reach 20 kilograms and are one year old.

If your child previously used a baby car seat in the form of a basket, it can also be continued by using a car seat booster that has additional fasteners (not just relying on a car seatbelt). This type of car seat has a fairly long service life. From a child who weighs 10 kilograms to a child of sufficient height, they can wear a seatbelt without support

Correct Installation
Make sure that the child occupies the car seat correctly. When putting on a baby, it is very necessary to make sure that the safety strap on the car seat is tight and parallel to the baby’s body or under the shoulder. Place the baby in the car seat then attach the safety straps on both shoulders (shoulder straps) and waist.

Next, fasten the safety strap on the left and right shoulders and lock it with a strap lock in the middle of the baby’s waist. Try not to use the shoulder strap too loose or not too tight for the baby. The trick is to measure one finger from the baby’s shoulder. This will ensure that the baby can sit comfortably in his seat during the trip. Meanwhile, for older children, you can adjust the tilt angle of their car seat to 35 degrees.

For the safety of your child while traveling by car, always use a baby car seat. Start this good habit since they are babies so that there will be no rejection later when he gets older.