Beginners Must Know These Camping Tips

Going camping is not the same as traveling in the city. So you can not change the destination suddenly, even for example all members of the group agreed. If possible, do a survey of the location first, or look for complete information about the camping location that you are going to. Is permission required to enter the camping site? Is the distance between the camping location and the water source? Questions like this must be asked so that you and your friends will not experience difficulties at the camping site. Meanwhile, buy lightweight backpacking and camping unit on our website.

You also need to know how to reach the campsite, what transportation can be used and how you can get to the location before sunset. This is camping, so you and your friends have to prepare tents, campfires, cutlery, etc. before you can rest. And all that will be more difficult to do if you get too late at the campsite.

How many days?

One or two nights stay at the campsite is the duration of time we recommend for beginners. By knowing how long you will camp, you can talk about supplies and the distribution of tasks regarding the equipment each member brings for the entire group. Your luggage won’t be too heavy because you can estimate how much clothing, socks, food items, or even medicines that need to be carried.

Weather factors

If you and your friends don’t like to travel or even sleep in the wild while in the rain, it’s a good idea for you to carefully consider the right timing for camping in friendly weather. If you like challenges and don’t mind getting wet, equip yourself with a raincoat, umbrella, etc. You and your friends may also need to rent a special tent that is resistant to rain.


Even though you’re trying to become one with nature through camping, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat nutritious food. Instant noodles are usually the mainstay of anyone who plans to mix, both in the mountains and the beach. However, the nutritional content is certainly less and does not provide much energy you need to indulge. Try not to only bring instant noodles as food in your backpack.

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