The reason people get influenza

Even though you yourself do not know where it comes from, there are many risk factors for the cause of flu that you might not realize. Some of the causes that increase your risk of being affected by the influenza virus can be from your daily environmental factors or habits. You can get more info on

The following are various risk factors that cause the body more susceptible to influenza virus:

Changes in the weather
Most people may be more easily attacked by flu during the rainy season than summer. This is because the virus that causes flu is easy to develop in cold temperatures and dry air. Scientists suspect the influenza virus is more easily spread during cold weather because people prefer to gather indoors with a closed window. This increases your risk of breathing the same air as other people, which may contain influenza viruses.

Lack of sleep
Sleep is a fundamental need for every human being so that the body is always fit. Unfortunately, many do not know the habit of staying up late or sleeping late at night can be the cause of us easily hit the flu. This bad habit, over time will have an impact on overall health, especially the immune system. During sleep, the body normally produces cytokine hormones to fight inflammation and disease in the body. However, if you lack sleep, the body will not release cytokines as it should. As a result, the ability of the immune system to fight germs will weaken, so you are more vulnerable to being infected with influenza virus. This can get worse if at that time the weather is bad and you are also stressed. The average adult sleep needs are at 7-8 hours every night. So, make sure you sleep enough so it doesn’t get sick easily.

Lack of drinking
When the body is lacking in fluid or dehydration, the function and work of the body’s organs will be disrupted. As a result, you might be more vulnerable to experience a number of health problems. In addition, sufficient fluid intake also helps keep your mouth, nose and throat. If the mouth, nose, and throat are dry, you are easier to get diseases related to the respiratory system, such as flu.

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