Web hosting’s definition

Web hosting is leasing services and application server / web server software for the purpose. By the definition of its scope only includes the web server, but practically web hosting include services for both web servers and mail servers. You can found the best gaming server hosting on our website.

For the purposes of this web server portion, web hosting wear LAMP software. LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. Linux as a Unix operating system for servers of the most developed at this time. Apache web server is the most reliable and most widely used. MySQL is the fastest database for the purposes of the web and the most widely used database. PHP is a web programming language reliable, easiest to use and most widely used worldwide.

The need for web hosting is a need for every company that wants to survive in the information age. By using web hosting services, the company can have a website company profile, enhance corporate image, enable customers to know our products and services and also make direct sales.

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